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How to Tune Up the Exmark 36" Walk Behind Mower for Just $50

By Delbert Powell from Del's Lawn Care

One of the most popular mowers around is the Exmark walk Behind Mower. Whether it's a 36", 48", 52", or 60", this is one of these mowers that everyone seems to love.

For the tune up, our dealer was looking at around $300. With the pre-package tune up kit I bought that includes oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, foam filter, and paper filter - everything you need for the tune up - you can do the tune up for $49.99 plus tax.

Before starting your tune up, I recommend running your engine for about 10 minutes, to get the oil nice and warm. Also,

  • Make sure you hand tighten where you need to

  • Push out the old oil with a little new, and work from there

  • Make sure you ring the oil out so as not to flood the carburettor

By all means, if you prefer having your tune ups done for you, then a dealer is the place to go. But if you enjoy tuning up yourself, and want to save some money, then hopefully this video shows you how to do that when it comes to tuning the Exmark 36" walk behind mower.

Delbert Powell
Del's Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

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