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How to Use Rubber Twist Ties to Secure Items

By Pa and Ma (Jaclyn) Lee from Dirty Deeds Lawn and Landscaping

Hi guys, Pa here from Dirty Deeds Lawn and Landscaping, and today I want to continue Ma's series offering budget-friendly alternatives to some of the costs that can come with your lawn care or landscaping business.

Last time around, Ma spoke about cheap equipment for starting your lawn care business. This time around, I want to show you how to use rubber twist ties to secure items.

As you can see in the video, we work within our budget for our business, and that doesn't allow for many luxuries. So that's when I came up with the idea of getting some rubber twist ties from the local Wal-Mart to store pretty much every tool we have!

I hope this helps, guys, and let me know what you do to save money in your business.

Pa and Ma (Jaclyn) Lee
Dirty Deeds Lawn and Landscaping
UAG Member 2020
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