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How to Work on Your Business When You Can't Get Outside

By Paul Jamison from Jamison Landscaping

Hey guys, Paul Jamison here from Jamison Landscaping, and today I want to share how to make the most of rainy days.

Now, I know we're in the winter now, and I recorded this in the fall, but the sentiment remains the same - how to keep busy when the weather stops you from working outside.

Whether it's rain, snow, or some other weather keeping you from working, it doesn't mean your business needs to come to a stop:

  • Maintenance. We can work on our tools and equipment.

  • Admin. Take the time to make sure invoicing is up to date, along with book-keeping and any emails that need to be sent/answered.

  • Marketing/media. I run a podcast, so on rainy days, I like to use the time to record extra episodes. Whatever your marketing strategy looks like - podcast, social media, etc., - use the downtime to work on it.

  • Re-stringing. With a weed eater, you're changing the string regularly, so I need my weed eater to be quick and easy when it comes to re-stringing.

Sure, we'd prefer to be out in the field working and making money, but even when we're not in the field, we can still be working on the back end stuff that makes us the profits.

I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know what you do when the weather keeps you indoors.

Paul Jamison
Jamison Landscaping
UAG Member 2019
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