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Is Fear Preventing Your Success in Business?

By Bryant Manzo of Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

There are a lot of people that wish they could start a business to help themselves and their family, to get away from a dead-end job, or to have financial stability. But I have found that starting a business is beyond most people’s comfort zone because of fear.

I know about this fear all too well. I was plagued by it for years growing up. I grew up with a family living paycheck to paycheck, and I remember having to give up my check to help support my family. I did that for several years until I got married but even then I was living in fear of venturing out.

Then a life event changed my perspective.

When my sons were born I stopped fear dead in its tracks. I said fear will not control me and I don’t want it to trickle down to my sons. So, I swallowed my fear and took a risk. I started Manzo Lawn Service, LLC a year ago, which has become a success. In fact, only a year in, I was accepted into the 2018 ECHO User Advisory Group, in which I’m going to be working with other industry pros to share business experiences and thoughts on products with others.

I realized that if I let fear take me over that it would control my life. My sons movitivated me and that gave me the determination to ensure my sons did not follow in my early footsteps. I need them to live without that fear. I had no choice but to break that cycle, and I have never looked back.

So, what I’m saying to you is to not let fear control you, break the cycle and do what you want to do whether it’s starting a lawn or landscape business or whatever your heart desires.

The power is in your control to break through the fear. Risk is uncomfortable and scary but that’s what makes us human and allows us to grow.

Good luck!

Bryant Manzo
Manzo Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2018