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Landscaper Winter Blues

By Shawn Spencer from Spencer's Lawn Care

It's December; there's no grass to cut and no snow to plow. So, essentially, I'm bored. The landscaper “winter blues” have set in. Even thought of taking a part-time job to ward off the cabin fever I'm feeling. What do you do?

I'm in south east Canton Ohio and we're not in the snow belt, I guess. We've not had the winter work. We normally don't plow until we get a minimum of 2 inches of snowfall, but unlike most of the country so far this winter, we've not seen much snow at all.

Since doing nothing is not an option, I'm working on winterizing my 2-stroke equipment. Working in the shed right now, winterizing the Stihl FS90R, my ECHO 2620T string trimmer, my Stihl BR600 back pack blower, and the Husqvarna handheld blower.

Summary of Tips:

  • Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

  • Run off any remaining fuel or drain the fuel, being sure to remove any dirt that may have built up in fuel cap.

  • If you're not going to drain or work off the fuel, protect the equipment's engine from corrosion, use a fuel stabilizer such as Stab-il or whatever product you prefer. This will keep the fuel fresh while not in use over the winter months.

  • For your string-trimmer, remove and clean the cutting attachment and powerhead, and don't forget to clean the air filter.

  • Keep up on your warranty by dropping off equipment at your dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance. I don't like to pay dealers for things I can do myself but it pays to keep the warranty valid for that time when you need it. Long term planning always pays off.

While you're at it, it's a good time to get that overdue clean out of your sheds and trailers, something we always say we're gonna do but never seem to have the time.

Shawn Spencer, Spencer's Lawn Care
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