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Landscaper's checklists save time - and time is money!

By Jimmy Massey from Massey Lawn Care

Job Checklists Save Time, and Time is Money!

Ever get to a job and realize you forgot something in the garage? Not everyone has the benefit of a trailer large enough to carry everything that they may need so why not plan for each type of job/season?

Here's a lesson learned on that very fact from my time in the field. Instead of winging it, why not create checklists of required tools and supplies for each type of job?

Today, while doing a fall clean up I think I almost didn't bring that specific rake and it's come in handy. So, I think that's what we'll start doing, just making a checklist. Fall cleanup, okay you bring A, B, C, and D. Spring cleanups, A, B, C, and D.

While this may be a simple tip, the concept of planning tools, including parts for last minute repairs, can save time on the job and in our line of work, time is money!

Do you have enough trailer space for everything? Do you use any kind of checklist for different times of the year or different jobs?

Join us over at ECHOMeansBusiness Forum, share your ideas/experiences.

Jimmy Massey, Massey Landscape
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