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This Week on YouTube: March 26, 2018

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our weekly round-up of tips, tools, and great advice from the pros over on YouTube. This week, we have some great tips on networking, assessing the quality of soil and thinking about the next wave of landscapers!

Creating the Next Generation of Landscapers

EMB's very own Brian Shain (Top Notch Lawncare) spent some time last week showing his son some of the work that goes into becoming a professional landscaper. Displaying a lot of patience, Brian takes him through little details with the outcome of a great training video for anyone interested in the landscaping business!

Mowing Large Properties - First Hand Experience

Australian Landscaper Martyn Saifiti of Mowing and Growing lawn care shared a job at a five acre property that he did in the beautiful Central Coast area. When you are surrounded by beautiful trees and the sound of songbirds, mowing five acres of grass is a breeze!

Rainy Lawncare POV!

Watch UAG member Bradley Behr of Copper Creek Cuts as he hustles to make sure that he finishes the job before the rain sets in! He makes it right before the showers really come down but has to work through a light drizzle. Surely an issue a lot of landscapers will have on their minds in the coming months.

What is Soil pH?

A great concept to understand during moss removal, fertilizer selection and even selecting what plants to grow on a particular plot of land. You don't need to know the knitty gritty of the science involved but understanding the basics of pH can help you tackle a lot of jobs more effectively.

Collaborating with other Landscapers

Some great tips with working examples, Happy's Family Lawncare from Asheville, North Carolina shares with everyone how networking has allowed them to find customers, share equipment and ultimately grow their business!


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