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Lawn Care: The Final Cut Of The Season

By Brian Fullerton from Brian's Lawn Maintenance

What does that final cut of the season look like? How short should it be and why?

In this video I’m showcasing one of the final cuts we’ve done for this customer, as part of our year-end wrap up and cleaning service.

In this case we cut the grass to 2.75 inches, which we do to winterize most of our lawns here in Michigan. You want to have that final cut really nice and short, kind of looking like a carpet. That way, you’ll prevent snow mold and other diseases from growing during the winter.

The other consideration is that final cut will be around for a long time and affect the curb appeal of the home for months in some cases. Mow the grass to be aesthetically nice for the fall and the winter season.

Again, up here in Michigan I know it varies, and I know it varies with different types of grasses.

I'm also curious to know what you guys do for your final cut? In some areas of the country I’ve heard that pros maintain the grass’s summer trimming height the same throughout the winter.

Up here in Michigan mow the lawn to 2.75 inches. I know some got down lower. We normally do that around the November time frame to make those lawns look nice for fall and obviously Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Do you leave the clippings on the lawn during the last cut? It’s smart to do so in really hot months as the clippings are said to keep 25% of the turf's nitrogen back to the soil.

I'm curious to know, what height do you guys cut your final lawns at? Do you leave the clippings?

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Guys, we'll catch up with you soon.

Brian Fullerton
Brian's Lawn Maintenance
UAG Member 2017