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UAG PRO USER PANEL: Managing a Lawn Care Business In the Winter

This month, Julio Tome from Lawn Care Business Success, Brian Fullerton from Brian’s Lawn Maintenance, and Kevin Frost from Fall River Lawn Care got together with UAG manager Sam Fiorella to chat about what professional lawn care professionals do in during the winter season.

How many take the winter off to chill? Who packs away the mowers and trimmers in favor of the snow plow? If you do work the winter season, do you have ramp up for the season if you’ve never done it before? What equipment should a traditional lawn care business invest in to make money during the winter?

If you're taking the winter off and have a land care crew, how do you keep staff over the winter and returning in the spring? Kevin shares some tips and strategies on making it through the winter when you don’t have lawns to mow or properties to maintain.

From the services provided (or not) to the equipment needed to local laws and insurance concerns, the conversation among these lawn care pros is a helpful tool for all landscape, arbor, and ground maintenance professionals.

Julio's experiences in British Columbia Canada vary from Brian’s experiences in Michigan, which is different than the experiences shared by Kevin in Arkansas. Watch/listen to the candid and personal exchange between these lawn care pros and UAG Members as they share their winter, off-season business tips.