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Mike Paciga of Kemper Lakes Golf Course shows the unboxing of their ECHO equipment; the BRD 280 and the ECHO 2620T

Mike Paciga: All right. Here we are, we've got our Echo equipment - the PE 260, or 2620, and the BRD 280, and starting to open up the packages. My mechanic, Mike Meyer, and our assistant superintendent, Rob Rudness. It's a nice, rainy day in Chicago. We just got 2.14 inches of rain, and it's a good day to start doing some detailing work. They're under pressure here. Mike, as a mechanic, what's your first reaction to this?

Mike Meyer: It's brand new. Looks fancy. I like it. Pretty cool. I like the straight edge better than the curved.

Rob Rudness: Yeah.

Mike Meyer: It's light.

Rob Rudness: It's really light.

Mike Meyer: Okay.

Mike Paciga: Let's take a little close look at that cutting edge, there. Rob, what's your first reaction?

Rob Rudness: I'm excited to get some beds redefined. We usually do them by hand, so hopefully this speeds up the process.

Mike Paciga: Typically, how do you edge the beds, then, at the beginning of the year?

Rob Rudness: I usually take a straight edged shovel and just do it by hand.

Mike Paciga: Do you think there'll be a time savings?

Rob Rudness: Absolutely. This is going to shave hours off of this project.

Mike Paciga: Echo claims they'll save us seven times the amount of ... They'll do it seven times quicker with this machine. It will be a test today. Mike, you said it's a nice, light piece of equipment?

Mike Meyer: Yeah, it's nice and light. I thought it was going to be a little heavier.

Mike Paciga: Okay.

Mike Meyer: This is definitely pretty heavy-duty with these carbide bits on the end.

Mike Paciga: Yeah.

Mike Meyer: Definitely wasn't expecting it to be this good of quality.