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Moving From Lawn Care to Full Outdoor Property Service

By Nathanael Strickland from Strickland Landscaping

As a landscaper, It's important to branch out into other work that is more profitable. Our industry is full of regular joe's who cut lawns on the weekends at dirt cheap prices, which is next to impossible to compete with.

However, most of the time the customer ultimately gets what they pay for. That's where we as professionals, who take pride in our work, step up. We must target customers who are willing to pay a little extra for a premium, quality service.

Once a good reputation has been formed with a customer and trust has been established that you will perform high quality work, they will typically ask - "Hey, do you trim trees too?" or "My back patio could be pressure washed, can you handle that?"

Now this is typically what separates the weekend warriors from entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur will see an opportunity and seize it. Especially considering that pressure washing, tree trimming, seal coating, etc. are all much more profitable than just cutting grass.

Because at the end of the day, a true business man/woman is searching for what can make them the most amount of money in the shortest period of time.

Now you've got two options when a customer asks you to complete a job that's not something you'd typically do.

  • You can go and buy the necessary equipment to complete the job on your own. But when you do this, I strongly suggest buying a reputable brand. Buy something bigger/stronger than what you might need, but always buy a commercial grade piece of equipment. Because this will not be for one time use, you are now expanding your business and going to actively sell this new service.

  • If you are unable to afford a new piece of equipment, or simply too busy. Don't turn down the job! This is when you seize the opportunity and subcontract it out so that you will still make money. Because all leads are worth money. However, you don't always have to subcontract out the entire job. If it's something like a tree removal, you can hire a tree company to safely get the tree on the ground, then you handle cleaning up the debris.

In summary, a true entrepreneur never turns down work. Unless it is completely out of their realm and they are unable to make money on it.

Nathanael Strickland
Strickland Landscaping
UAG Member 2018
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