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National Safety Month - ISOtunes Free Headphones for PPE

By Brad Behr from Copper Creek Cuts

Hi guys, Brad here from Copper Creek Cuts, and today I wanted to look at how the ISOtunes Free headphones work as PPE options when it comes to protecting your hearing.

And with June being National Safety Month, now’s the perfect time to do so - so let's dive in.

As mentioned in the video, for the last few years I’ve been using just the little disposable ear plugs. But then I wanted to listen to music while working, so I wanted to share my thoughts on these headphones from ISOtunes.


  • The lack of cords so they don’t get knotted

  • Comes with its own charging case

  • Excellent battery life

  • The protective case is hard and protects the headphones from dirt


  • They can slip out and you could lose in the field

  • Depending on the music genre, the music can be low

I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know what your preference is when it comes to headphones and PPE!

Brad Behr
Copper Creek Cuts
UAG Member 2020
Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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