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Never Forget A Landscape Customer Again

By Jimmy Massey from Massey Landscape

I have a quick tip for my fellow landscape pros out there.

Have you ever wanted to send an email to a customer, or maybe that one-time customer, a year from now as a reminder for that shrub trimming or mulching? You know, you already did the work this year but you think you should send them a reminder email a year from now, just to see if they want to do it again.

Most of us would forget to do that and if you don’t have admin staff, it’s even easier to forget to send reminder emails to customers. During the spring and the summer and fall, you've just got a lot going on and you forget. I have a way to fix that problem.

You have to have Gmail and you have to be using it on desktop. They don't have this available on mobile yet. I don't know when they'll have it on mobile, if they ever will.

There's a Google Chrome extension for Gmail called “Send Later.” Here’s how it works: You write up your email now, such as “We took care of your mulching last November and just wanted to reach out, see if you wanted us to take care of it again this year” or something like that. And you click the little “send later” button and schedule exactly which day and what time to send it.

EMAIL SENDING TIP: I find that sending these emails at 8:00 AM turns out to be the best. That's like right before they get to go into work. Sending it at 8:00 AM, or maybe like 7:30, or something like that, before they take off, or get ready to leave.

Go check it out. Download the Send Later Extension for Gmail Google Chrome. Then write and schedule reminder emails to clients months or a year in advance...and boom, next time, next year the same time, you send the email. You don't even have to remember anymore.

That should help increase your customer touchpoints and help drive more revenue to your business.

Jimmy Massey, Massey Landscape Services
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