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Overcoming Business Challenges, with Wyatt Bedell and Michael Bedell

At this year's GIE+EXPO, we sat down with various pros and talked about a whole host of topics.

In this video, UAG Members Wyatt Bedell and Michael Bedell sit down to talk about business challenges, and how they overcame them (or plan to).

Topics under discussion include:

  • challenges they faced in 2019

  • overcoming issues with employees

  • pricing jobs when you’re a younger pro

  • identifying clients that are good (and bad) for your business

  • how professionalism stands you apart from competitors

  • why maintenance is key to be effective in your business

  • how reliability is key when it comes to communication and interaction with your customers

  • understanding the numbers behind your business

It's a very informative chat, and offers some excellent advice on overcoming some of the business challenges that you might be going through.

What business challenges have you faced in 2019, and how are you overcoming them? Join our forum to share your thoughts or ask other pros for advice.