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Overview of the ECHO EA-410 Dirt Auger

By Scott Saunders from Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts

Hi guys, Scott Saunders here from Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts in Ontario, Canada. Today, I wanted to share my initial thoughts on the ECHO EA-410 Dirt Auger.

Just from my first impressions, some of the things that stand out are:

  • The trigger mechanism is very similar to a blower handle set-up

  • It's a two-stroke mix fuel set-up

  • The auger bit is 10" wide, though you can also get it in 6" and 8"

  • With the 10" auger, it gives you nice space to fill in around plants that come in 6"

While this video is from earlier this year, I'll be sharing any updates on my thoughts around the product, as well as pros/cons that I might find along the way.

How about you guys - what augers are you using, and why these ones?

Scott Saunders
Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts
UAG Member 2019
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