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Overview of the ECHO EA-410 Dirt Auger, Part 2

By Scott Saunders from Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts

Hi guys, Scott Saunders here from Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts in Ontario, Canada. Today, I wanted to share my follow-up thoughts on the ECHO EA-410 Dirt Auger, after my initial take which you can find here.

For this video, which we shot earlier this year, I wanted to show how it deals with planting. My thoughts:

  • Planting is probably the best use for this particular auger

  • This needs to have perfect sand or soil - no tree roots or rocks

  • While it's not the most powerful dirt auger, it does make planting really easy

Well, I hope this video gives you an idea of how the ECHO EA-410 Dirt Auger stands up. How about you guys - what augers are you using, and why these ones?

Scott Saunders
Fraser Outdoor Living Concepts
UAG Member 2019
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