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Quick Demo - How To Use - ECHO Pas Pro Sweep Attachment

By Julio Tome from Cloverdale Mowing

Hi everyone, it’s Julio Tome of Cloverdale Mowing.Today, I want to share with you a really quick demo on how to use the ECHO PAS Pro Sweep Attachment.

The PRO Sweep attachment is similar to a powered broom and is great for cleanup on all types of surfaces including concrete, lawn and soil. Today, you’ll see me test this product on pavement.

Well that’s it for today everyone, as you can see from this video the ECHO Pas Pro Sweep Attachment does a really great job at clearing dirt and debris off of curved edges.

Have you ever used a Sweep Attachment? Let me know in the forum.

Julio Tome
Cloverdale Mowing
UAG Member 2020
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