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How to Get Reviews for Your Landscaping Business & Rank Better on Google

The nature of advertising has changed dramatically and for a landscaping company to reach clients, positive online reviews have become a must. The traditional forms of advertising have all slipped behind the power of the Internet. Radio continues to fall behind websites such as Pandora and newspaper has given way to bloggers and the undisputed ruler of information — the Google search. At the end of the day, a successful landscaping business needs to optimize its online portfolio. Creating a website and social media presence are excellent first steps. But positive customer reviews can help you stand out from competitors.

Why Reviews Matter

Positive customer reviews can definitely help increase your customer base. Here are some of the fundamentals ways online reviews can bring exponential growth to your business.

  • Consumer Confidence: Home and business owners that hire a landscaping company are service industry consumers. They are interested in getting the best value possible for their investment. Just like you check the Amazon star rating on goods, property owners want a reference point about the quality of a landscaping company’s work. Reviews provide them with a window into other people’s level of satisfaction.

  • Word of Mouth: Online reviews tend to be the basis for discussion about goods and services. People often pass on information about things they come across online and talk about how high or low it was rated. Positive reviews have emerged as excellent conversation starters.

  • Search Engine Rankings: There is no official statement that search engines elevate one service or product over another based on reviews. However, it’s human nature to pay attention to higher rated reviews when considering a service. After all, consumers are not trying to get less bang for their buck. Therefore, landscaping companies with good reviews are likely to garner clicks and rise in search engines organically.

  • Fundamental Business Practice: Just like street signs, business cards and a social media presence are business basics, so are reviews. Sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google, Manta, Foursquare and others have become a resource for consumers. People develop favorite sites and heavily weigh the reviews. In many respects, consumers see reviews as a part of everyday professionalism. Failing to have online reviews is the equivalent of not having business cards.

Garnering Reviews

Asking for endorsements can feel awkward to some people. On the other hand, if you were satisfied with a company, you’d probably be happy to give them a recommendation. Helping deserving people is a neighborly and kind act. So, don’t be shy about requesting a review of your landscaping business and make it part of your ordinary practice.

Create literature that directs customers to your website, social media and places you’d like to have strategic positive reviews. It can be a one-sheet or small card that encourages support and explains that online reviews are an important part of how people discover your service. Make this material a standard part of your strategy with each new client.

Another way to generate good reviews is to adopt the philosophy that “we’re all in it together.” If your landscaping business services commercial properties, place a review about your positive experience working with them. That type of proactive business savvy elevates reviewing to a networking tool. Their reciprocation is a win for you. But even if they don’t, you’ve made an online impression that you appreciate working with others.

Putting Reviews to Work

When people are looking for a landscaping company, they’ll generally do a keyword search that uses terms such as “landscaping” and their city or town. Google, for instance, may create a list of nearby companies. You’ll find that the star rating and number of reviews are prominently displayed. By taking control of that Google profile and linking your website and reviews into a unified online presence, those positive reviews will help you stand out from competitors. It’s no secret that consumers click on the top-rated landscaping businesses first.

Search engines such as Google are the gateway to business promotion. The greater your online presence, the more likely people are to hire you and positive reviews can make a world of difference.

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