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How to Get Your Landscaping Company's Website to Rank Better for Local Search

If you happen to have a local landscaping business, you're well aware of the challenges that come along with local SEO campaigns. Being much different from average SEO campaigns, local SEO campaigns change rapidly given the competitive market of your area. In addition to this, the type of links your business will focus on will be much more different. Since local campaigns can be a bit confusing, we're going to walk you through the process so you can get the best results possible for your efforts.

Before You Begin

So before you begin, there's plenty of up-front work required on your site so that you can receive the best results possible. This is especially true if one wants to rank highly in their local pack listings. In order to pull ahead of your peers, you'll need to think less of your site and think more of your MyBusiness signals, local reviews, and local NAP citations.

Google My Business

You'll need to set up a Google My Business page if you haven't done so already. There's plenty of sources online that will gladly walk you through the process, so setting up an account shouldn't be a problem. So once you have a page set up, it's important to include such information as:

  • A long description that's properly formatted and includes your proper links.

  • Correct categories that suit your business.

  • Plenty of photos pertaining to your business.

  • The local phone number for your business.

  • A business address that's consistent on local directories and on your website.

  • A high resolution cover photo and profile picture.

  • Your hours of operation.

  • Real reviews from customers.

Name, Address & Phone (NAP)

It's incredibly important for your landscaping business information to remain consistent on all public pages. Your NAP needs to be listed on every page you create and you must use the same details when mentioning your address on any local citation. Sites like Schema.org make it easy to list your NAP information correctly so it can be read properly by search engines.

Local Reviews

A local review on your landscaping business page can have a direct impact on your local search rank, so it's important to acquire them. You'll need more than Google reviews, as you'll want to be listed in local directories and receive customer interaction on your Yelp page. However, your first priority should be your Google reviews. To make this task easier, you might want to contact your existing customer base and see if they would like to leave a review. If that doesn't get a response, you could possibly offer an incentive such as a discount on their next purchase. One business found success by creating a page on their site that explains how to leave a review so their customers don't get confused during the review process.

A Mobile Friendly Site

More and more consumers are using mobile devices to communicate and research businesses, so it's important to make sure that your landscaping business site is mobile friendly. In addition to this, search engines are more favorable towards sites that have mobile-ready site design. This means that if your site isn't mobile friendly, it could cause your site to be dropped a few ranks and out of the top searches.

Create Content That Appeals To Your Area

Is there something interesting about your area's weather or landscape? If so, it's important to create videos, blogs, or photos that are aware or acknowledge the area that your landscaping business operates in. Feel free to get creative with your blogs and mention the surrounding areas of your business to extend your professional reach. This hard work pays off as it makes your site relevant to the area you operate business in.

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