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Review: ECHO BRD-2620 Bed Redefiner

By Brent Catterson from Katter Kuts

If you do a lot of mulching, then the BRD-2620 Bed Redefiner might be something to check out. It comes with the edger attachment, which is kinda cool.

Though the digging height might just be three foot, that's usually more than enough for mulch beds, although you might want to use something different if you want really defined edges.

As I mention in the video, and as you can see when I'm using it, it packs a nice punch and clears the bed really well.

It can have some issues in the roots, or if there's an irrigation system on the property, but for breaking up beds and avoiding clumps, it does the work well.

I hope this video helps, especially if bed work and mulching is something you do a lot of.

Brent Catterson
Katter Kuts
2018 UAG Member

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