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Review of the ECHO PAS-2620 with Articulating Hedge Trimmer

By Aaron Sutter from Lansing Lawn Service, LLC

Hey guys, what’s up? Today I’m reviewing the ECHO PAS-2620 with Articulating Hedge Trimmer. I’ve got a great hedge to test it on, so let’s see what it can do.

So, what’s my takeaway on the PAS-2620 articulating hedge trimmer when in use?


  • Because it’s articulated, it can do a multitude of jobs

  • It’s pretty light, and super well-balanced

  • If you’ve got a big gut like me, you can use that as a swivel :)

  • It’s got a lot of power, which makes it super easy to use

  • Super sharp blades, which I’ve heard last for a very long time


  • I seriously can’t think of any cons right now. Maybe I’ll revisit this in a future video!

I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know if you’ve tried the ECHO PAS-2620 and, if so, what’s your take?

Aaron Sutter
Lansing Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2019
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