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Keep It Personal – Sending Christmas Cards To Your Lawn Care Customers

By Kevin Frost from Fall River Lawn Care

Have you thought about sending Christmas cards to your lawn care customers? Is it worth the effort? Any idea where to start?

This is something I decided to do about two years ago and it's turned out quite well! I think it shows my customers that I'm giving them that personal touch, that one on one feel of my company to them.

It all comes down to that personal touch with your customers.

There's a lot of competition in this industry and so you need to go the extra mile to keep customers happy and working with you. What are you doing to make yourself memorable and stand out from the competition? It comes down to making your customers feel special, let them know that you're thankful for their business.

It's a little thing but it stands out when they get an advertisement from a competitor in the Spring, they remember those little things.

I got my cards from Vista Print really cheap. They are lawn care related and I'm able to type out a little note inside and then all I have to do is sign it. Simple, quick, and cheap – but effective.

This will help foster a one-on-one relationship with your customers and it can also make them choose to keep you around for another season. In addition, when you create personal connections like this, you stand out above the other lawn care companies. And that will make your customers want to refer you.

Not sure about using Christmas Cards? It’s easy enough to find Happy Holiday cards if you prefer or, if you want to avoid the holiday altogether but like the idea, why not consider a Thank You Card or a Happy New Year card at the end of the year to say thanks for their patronage this year, what a pleasure it was serving them with a quick not asking for any feedback? Again, it’s a small thing but it’s personal and one that I suspect many competitors don’t do.

The best thing? You don’t need to be a huge company or have a ton of free time. Staples stores offer a quick and cheap service to print personalized cards – and you can do it online in most States! Same with Costco or Vista Print. Again, there’s little excuse for you to not set yourself apart with a personal message at this time of the year.

Do you send Holiday Cards to your lawn care or arbor customers?

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Kevin Frost
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