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Separating Your Personal and Business Side, Episode 1: Personal and Business Phones

By Bryant Manzo from Manzo Lawn Service, LLC

When you first start out in business, it can be easy to think you can use your home or cell phone for both your personal and business use.

After all, not only can it save money (one contract versus two), but you can avoid the trouble it can take to set up a second line.

But, as I share in the first episode of this four-part series on separating your personal and business side, there are definite benefits to keeping your phone lines separate.

As you can see, I keep my numbers different for very specific reasons.

  • You don't want to receive business calls on your personal/family line.

  • It's important to separate your family time from business time.

  • It helps avoid confusion as to who may be calling, and why.

I hope this video helps, and I look forward to sharing more business tips soon.

Bryant Manzo
Manzo Lawn Service, LLC
UAG Member 2018

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