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Sharp Blades, Healthy Lawn - Or Why You Need to Keep Sharp Mower Blades

By Richey Plemons from Plemons Lawn and Landscape

Hi there guys, Richey Plemons of Plemons Lawn and Landscape. So today I want to talk to you about the benefits of keeping sharp mower blades.

Sure, you might think I'm making an obvious statement - and I am! - but there's more than just the obvious benefit to grass.

To recap some areas to manage better:

  • Compare your mower blades to the razors you use on your face when shaving - would you use blunt blades?

  • Poorly kept blades leave you more susceptible to disease

  • Replace your blades every 8-10 hours to keep balanced and sharp

  • When maintaining your blades, make sure they're balanced properly to keep your mower running in peak condition

I hope this video helps, and keep these blades sharp!

Richey Plemons
Plemons Lawn and Landscape
UAG Member 2018
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What other maintenance do's and don'ts so you have when it comes to your mower? Join our forum to share your tips, as well as discover more great advice from landscaping and lawn care pros like you.