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Should You Buy an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

By Jim Nelson from J and J Lawn Service

When selecting a trailer for your business the most common asked question I hear is "What should I purchase, an open or enclosed trailer?"

Each trailer has advantages and disadvantages, but it's definitely a matter of personal choice. Choose what best fits your daily operations.

I personally have both open and enclosed trailers; my very first trailer was an open trailer which best served me at the time. My primary trailer now is an enclosed trailer.

Personally I really like the added security of my equipment and it being undercover and out of the weather. The open trailers still have their purpose in hauling materials and debris.

If you're trying to decide on what is best for you, I'll outline some advantages and disadvantages of each type of trailer and possibly give you something to consider that you haven't already.

Open Trailers


  • Normally cheaper in overall cost

  • Lighter in weight

  • Inside height is not a factor

  • Equipment is readily accessible from either side

  • Has a better field of view making it easier to tow

  • Less prone to sway

  • Fuel savings by better MPG from less resistance

  • Can customize with cages, additional racks and rails

  • Great for hauling materials to job site and removal of yard debris


  • Less secure

  • All equipment visible

  • Equipment is exposed to the elements

  • Equipment can be more easily lost if not secured or tie downs fail

  • More difficult to logo / mark

Enclosed Trailers


  • Equipment protected from outside elements

  • More secure

  • Available wall space can be used

  • Easy to mark / logo or wrap

  • Easy to customize shelves and racks creating more storage options


  • More difficult to tow – rear visibility restricted to side mirrors

  • No visibility inside of trailer

  • Decrease in vehicle MPG

  • Difficult to haul materials or remove yard debris

  • More expensive to purchase

  • Interior height has to be considered

  • Heavier in weight

  • More prone to sway

There are numerous companies that sell trailers, they are not all made the same! Do your research and get the most from your investment.

As your business grows so will the size of your trailer; you will always want more room!

If you're just starting out and purchasing a single trailer I would suggest an open trailer just because of their versatility. Always do what's best for you and your business.

Hopefully I've helped your consider something you haven't thought about. I wish you the very best.

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