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Should You Use a Blade Edger or String Trimmer for Lawn Edges?

By Julio Tome from Cloverdale Mowing

Hi guys, in today’s video I want to talk about whether you should use a proper blade edger or a string trimmer when it comes to lawn edges.

There are pros and cons to both, and I’m going to share when you’d want to use one over the other.

As you can see in the video, my own preference is using a string trimmer the majority of the time. That being said, I’ve been in business for a few years now and it took me a while to get to this comfort level.

For ease of use and consistency, though, using a blade edger versus a string trimmer for lawn edges will give the same result every time.

How about you - what’s your preference, blade edgers or string trimmers?

Julio Tome
Cloverdale Mowing
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