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Some Quick Tips on Proper Load Securement

By Richey Plemons from Plemons Lawn and Landscape

Making sure your load is properly secured not only protects your equipment, but can also ensure you don't get fined for any local by-laws and Department of Transport infringements when it comes to load weights, frayed straps, and more.

In this video, I want to share how I make sure my load is properly secured before heading off to a job.

To recap some quick points to look for:

  • Check for damage on your securement system

  • Loose or unfastened tie-downs

  • Use a strap system around the tires

  • Use an e-track system

I hope these tips help, and keep your load safe and secure for the season ahead.

Richey Plemons
Plemons Lawn and Landscape
UAG Member 2018
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What are your best tips on making sure your load is properly secure? Join our forum to share your tips, as well as discover more great advice from landscaping and lawn care pros like you.