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As part of the ECHO UAG community we decided to ask some of our experts about what is their #1 tip for someone if they wanted to start a landscaping business. What are some things to remember, some financial advice and of course how to get customers. Here is what three of our expert members had to say.

Do What Works For You

Delbert Powell – Del’s Lawn Care

Don't try to do what the Joneses are doing, in a figure of speech. Just because you see multimillion dollar companies running mowers or whatnot, don't try to follow what other people are doing. Do what works for you, and don't try to spend the money or finance the money that others do. What will work for you, not what you see others doing.

Spend The Money

Lanier – Lanier Lawn Care

If you're just starting out and you have the money to get a good trimmer and piece of equipment, go ahead. Spend the money and get that trimmer because it's going to last you over the time. That's what's going to be the money maker with your trimming, your edging and stuff. The mower, you can get a used mower and not have to worry about it. You can still have great quality, but I would definitely recommend buying a brand new trimmer if you can afford it.

Be Patient

Johny Crooks – Blades Of Grass Lawn Care

Be patient. Be patient with the quantity of properties that you're going to take on. Try to consolidate your properties, and be patient because you will eventually get customers. They will come. The more you're in business, the more people know you, the more clients you will eventually get.

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