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Stihl and Husqvarna backpack blower head-to-head performance comparison

If you are moving large amounts of leaves, which backpack blower works best? Which features help with this type of work? CleanCut Lawns of NC reviews the features of the Stihl BR 600 vs BR 700 compared to the Husqvarna 580BTS. The Stihl BR 700 and Husqvarna model are show in action moving large amounts of leaves. See for yourself.

Backpack blower choice has to do with the type of job you need to perform. Do you test out models before making a choice or do you go on the advice of other pro users? Join our community and share your experiences and tips for choosing. Would you like to hear the thoughts of other pros? Join our forum.


Speaker 1:I want to talk a little bit about the Husqvarna 580 BTS, the Stihl BR700 and the Stihl BR600. If our third guy shows up, then we're gonna do a comparison and show you all of them working together. I used to have this 580 BTS but it got stolen out of my truck, so I figured since I had Stihl weed eaters, I'd buy a Stihl blower.

And that third one is another guy's. He's just not here yet.So something I like about the Husqvarna 580 more is the handle is on the side instead of the top like the two Stihls. I like how much gas it holds and I like where the air filter's located on top right here. And it has awesome power, Can't deny it. Can't beat it.

This is basically the same as the Redmac so whoever says Redmacs is more powerful than Husky, that's lie. Just look it up. Something I like more about the Stihl is I like how comfortable it is compared to the Husqvarna and what else did I say I liked more about it?

Speaker 2:The tube.

Speaker 1:Oh the tube, yeah. Sorry guys. I like how the tube can come in and out and you just unlock it, then it slides in and slides out. And this up here is interchangeable also. And the Stihl BR600 ... oh and this is a lot lighter than the 580, or feels a lot lighter anyways.But the BR600, it's a good blower and I like it. Personally I think it's worth it to spend the extra money if you're in the market for a blower anyway on the 700, compared to the 600.

As you can see the tube size difference is major, but if you want something lighter then I would go with the 600. But anyway, we'll be right back and we'll show you all three of them working and see how you like it.So the guy with the BR600 never showed up so we're gonna show you the BR700 in use. And then we're gonna show you the Husky 580 in use. And then we're gonna show you both of them together.So you guys make your own choice of which one you like more. Y'all have good one.