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Stihl FS 130 vs Stihl FS 240 - Which One's Better?

By Tyler Guess from Clean Cut Lawn Care

A lot of people have asked me my thoughts on the Stihl FS 130 versus the Stihl FS 240, following my individual reviews of both.

In this comparison video, I share my take on the pros and cons of both.

As I share in the video, both the FS 130 and FS 240 are excellent tools, and pack a punch when it comes to power. It really comes down to how much you're planning on using them, and the environment you'll be working in.

There's also the difference of two-stroke versus four-stroke which can make a difference if you're trying to save some time.

I hope this video helps, and let me know which one you prefer if you've used both.

Tyler Guess
Clean Cut Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

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