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Stihl versus RedMax versus ECHO Tune Up Kits

By Delbert Powell from Del's Lawn Care

Our time is valuable. Making sure we’re optimizing our time so our clients are happy, our work is getting done, and our business is making money, all comes down to spending our time effectively.

This is one of the reasons I prefer ECHO tune up kits over Stihl and RedMax ones.

While they might do the same job, or similar, getting the right kit with ECHO is just a lot easier - and faster - than when it comes to the others, as I share in this video.

As you can see, being able to know which tune up kit goes with which product is a lot simpler with ECHO, and this can save me a chunk of time - time that I can spend making money.

I hope this short video helps, and let me know about your own examples.

Delbert Powell
Del's Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

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