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STIHL Weed Eater vs the ECHO SRM-3020

By Paul Jamison from Jamison Landscaping

Hey guys, Paul Jamison here from Jamison Landscaping, and today I want to share a comparison between the STIHL weed eaters I use, and the ECHO SRM-3020.

I've used STIHL for years, but as part of being in the UAG, ECHO sent me the SRM-3020 to compare the two products.

As you can see by the video, I'm pretty particular when it comes to what I look for in my weed eaters:

  • Easy to start. Because I have issues with my shoulders, I need my weed eaters to start on the first or second pull.

  • Comfort. When I'm working long days and going round lots of edges and flower beds, etc., I need my tool to be comfortable to use.

  • Durability. Much like any product, I need my weed eaters to be reliable, and not in the shop every other week. Time is money, and I don't want to have to spend my money on constant repairs.

  • Re-stringing. With a weed eater, you're changing the string regularly, so I need my weed eater to be quick and easy when it comes to re-stringing.

So which weed eater did I prefer? To be honest, both have their pros and cons. They're both good products, and they both do the job. I will say, the Speed Feed Head that the ECHO SRM-3020 uses makes like a lot easier when it comes to re-stringing, and this comes from a guy who's used STIHL for nine years.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what dealer you use and what products they sell, because at the end of the day, that's where you're going to go if there are any issues.

I hope this video helps, guys, and let me know what weed eaters you prefer using.

Paul Jamison
Jamison Landscaping
UAG Member 2019
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