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Straight Trimmers vs. Curved Trimmers

You’ve seen both and possibly even used both, but which type of trimmer is best for you? Should you use a straight shaft trimmer for your landscaping needs, or would a curved shaft trimmer do the job just fine? Is there a right or wrong type of trimmer to use? When it comes to the differences there are several, but each design difference serves a specific purpose.

Length and Diameter – Each shaft trimmer length is designed with a specific purpose and user in mind. The curved shaft trimmer comes in at 48 inches (55 inches on the GT-225L). It has a cutting diameter of 16 inches. The length of the curved trimmer is designed for users who typically fall under 6 feet tall. The straight shaft trimmer comes in at 59 inches long, or just under 5 feet, and has a cutting diameter of 17 inches. Straight trimmers are designed typically for those who are 6 feet tall and over. This isn’t to say either trimmer can’t be used by someone who falls in a different height category, but these are the typical dimensions in mind with each trimmer.

Purpose and Property Size – The curved shaft’s primary purpose is for light trimming. They are typically used for lawns that are covered in trees or areas with multiple posts that need trimming and require easy maneuvering. The size of the area these are used in is normally less than half an acre. Straight shaft trimmers are designed with heavier trimming in mind, or trimming that will last for some time. These types are best for areas that require reaching, like bushes and underbrush.

The thing to keep in mind is that both trimmers are ideal, but they are not designed with the same jobs in mind. It’s important to know what kind, how long, and how large of a job you will be performing before selecting a type of trimmer to use. Remembering these key points will ensure you have the right trimmer in mind when accepting your next landscaping job.