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As part of the ECHO UAG community we decided to ask some of our experts about what is their best tactic to drive your landscaping business. What are some things to remember, some financial advice and of course how to get customers. Here is what three of our expert members had to say.

Social Media –Word Of Mouth

Danny Lanier – Lanier Lawn Care

The best thing that works for my business of getting leads would have to be either Facebook or word of mouth from my other clients. That's been my top two. Now that I started a Google Business page this year, it started taking off, so that's probably going to be number one very quick.

Use A Website

Brian Talbert – Mow Yo Yard

The best number one source of generating leads, and it's actually the least work, well it's the least work now, is a website.

SEO – Update Website

Shawn Spencer- Spencer’s Lawn Care

For my business, the biggest leap I've seen was when we designed my website, just getting my SEO up, and just people being able to find me in my area, basically. It took me from a local, very small level to now I'm in the whole entire county, even surrounding counties, even if I choose to not go there, but I can if I want to.

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