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As part of the ECHO UAG community we decided to ask some of our experts about what is their best tactic to drive your landscaping business. What are some things to remember, some financial advice and of course how to get customers. Here is what three of our expert members had to say.

Logo’s On Trailer

Jason Ambros – Ambros’s Landscaping Inc.

The best way that I've gotten business in my area was I did logos on my trailers. In my area I noticed that a lot of people weren't putting logos on their trailers or even advertising. I was trying to find something that made me different, and so I have a huge eight and a half by 16 closed trailer. I put a big eight-food Ambros Landscaping sticker basically on it. Since we do a lot of our commercial accounts right on the main strip, everyone sees me all the time so I constantly get people asking me or telling me, "We see you all the time." This is because we're purposely driving through the main strip. That has helped us a lot but also social media has been by far another large impact on our company, especially in the past three years since we've in it.

Mass Advertising

Brian Fullerton – Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

We still do mass advertising campaigns. They kind of call to Blitz Creek. We have the yard signs on every street corner, the yard signs at the entrance of every sub. We still do Facebook social media posts from time to time just to re-enforce what we do. Of course we got referral marketing campaigns where somebody refers somebody. We'll give them two free cuts, which is kind of a $50 value. At my cost, it's not as much obviously but that's an incentive to the customer.


Kevin Frost – Fall River Lawn And Landscaping

The new website and getting Google pushed up the way it has has got the phone ringing, and I picked up some of the largest jobs I've ever picked up in the last two years.

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