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Testing the ECHO SRM-3020T Trimmer in Thick Brush and Weeds

By Danny Lanier from Lanier Lawn Care

When it comes to putting a trimmer through its paces, there's nothing quite like thick brush and weeds And that's exactly what I did with the new ECHO SRM-3020T trimmer.

Note to self: always wear PPE when demoing. :)

I also wanted to share some of the numbers behind this new trimmer, and how it compares to some other trimmers on the market.

As you can see by the video, even just using the 105 line made pretty quick work of the brush and weeds we were dealing with - you can imagine how much more it would do if you attached the brush attachment and/or blade!

I hope you enjoy this video, and happy trimming!

Danny Lanier
Lanier Lawn Care
2018 UAG Member

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