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The Best Ways to Protect Your Ears in the Field

By Jimmy Massey from Massey Landscape Service

Hi guys, as we approach the leaf season - if you're not already in it - it's going to be time to get these blowers out! And, as we do, we want to make sure our ears are protected.

Of course, PPE is more than just a seasonal thing, so I want to share what I use when it comes to protecting my ears throughout the rest of the year.

Now I know some of you wear your iPhone/iPod earbuds to listen to music while working, and while they keep the music in and the noise out, they also can stop you from hearing important things around you.

Besides, they're not really PPE, are they?

That's why I've tried a few different kinds of earbud/protectors.

  • Fold-in earbud protectors (similar to those you might listen to music on). While okay, I find the tips of these things don't work that well.

  • Silicone earbud protectors, that I feel are a complete waste of time.

  • The cheap, multipack earbud protectors that you can get for about $5 per pack.

Even though they cost less, I find the cheap ones work really well and are definitely my choice for keeping my ears safe.

I hope you enjoyed this short tip, and see you next time!

Jimmy Massey
Massey Landscape Service
UAG Pro 2018
Website | |YouTube | Instagram

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