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The EMB Podcast Ep 12: Everything You Need To Know About Fall Services

In this episode, Josh Currivan of Currivan Green Co. and the WeScape Podcast talks everything you need to know about fall services. He dives into a variety of topics, including, scheduling during the offseason, the best way to organize and manage your time, and how to buy the right equipment, and more!

Topics on the show today include:

  • How to effectively plan for fall-winter service schedule including the number of clean-ups for residential and commercial properties

  • Different types of fall services you can offer your customer (blowing, mulching, etc.)

  • Additional upselling opportunities (installing annuals, holiday decorations, snow plowing services)

  • How to do the final mow of the year for your customers

  • How to improve your current fall clean up service

  • How to price a fall clean up service

  • Fall services that we outsource and why (fall fertilization, irrigation, blowouts)

  • Best equipment to use for fall clean-ups (mower with a bagging system, backpack blowers, leaf plow)

  • Best backpack blowers (ECHO backpack blower, RedMax backpack blower)

  • Best time of year to buy a backpack blower

  • How to get a good deal on backpack blowers

  • How to negotiate a price a fall clean-up and the different factors you need to consider before setting this price

Settle in for some great insights on the industry we all love, and take away a host of tips for your own business, no matter what stage you’re at with it. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Enjoy this episode? Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

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What did you do this year to get ready for fall clean ups? Let’s connect in the forum

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