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The Importance of Branding for Your Business

By Cameron Duncan from Grassmaster Lawn Service

Over the years, people have asked me about some of the most important tips I've learned from running my business.

While there are a bunch of different answers I can give, one of the most important - for me - is that of branding, and making your business memorable.

Think about it - if I mention the delivery service UPS to you, you immediately get an image in your mind.

  • Brown trucks

  • Brown uniforms

  • Yellow/gold writing

It's immediate and recognizable - and you need to think that way, too, for your business. Here at GrassMaster Lawn Service, we have our own distinctive logo, color scheme, etc, for all our marketing, including our rig.

That way, when customers are looking for the services we provide, we're immediately at the top of their list - all because of our strong branding.

So, I hope this video helps, guys, and happy mowing!

Cameron Duncan
Grassmaster Lawn Service
UAG Member 2019
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