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The Importance of Perseverance and Being Yourself

The outdoor maintenance industry, whether lawn care, landscaping, tree care, hardscaping, or similar, can be a hard one.

Long hours, often difficult work, and weather conditions all play a part in the toll the industry can take.

However, it’s also an incredibly rewarding one - choosing the work you do, where you work, what projects you work on, and how you can make it all fit around your personal/family time.

But the early years can be tough, especially in today’s social media-led world where it might seem “YouTube stars” are making hundreds of thousands of dollars for endorsements, sponsored posts, and more.

Seeing others rewarded while you continue to do the hard work can make you question if this industry is for you.

Which is why we like this video from UAG Council Member Brad Behr, of Copper Creek Cuts.

As you can see, Brad shows how “rich” you’ll get (or not) from a viral video, and why it should only be seen as a passive income to what really matters - the work you love doing outdoors.

How did you keep going in the early part of your business, and what would you advise others to do? Join our forum to share your tips or ask other pros for advice.