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The Life Blood of Your Business Part 1 - Your Most Important Asset

By Mike Gunn from Gunn Landscaping

When we’re in business - whether we’re just starting, or have been established for a few years - we can get up in a lot of things.

The equipment we’re using, the quality of work we’re providing, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that - they’re all necessities, and I agree we need to be thinking about them.

But if we get too caught up on that, we can forget the number one asset in our business.

As I share in the video, that number one asset is you - whether you’re a one-man band, a solopreneur, or you want to grow your company, because only you can really increase your sales.

Even if you’re mowing 70 lawns a week, for example, and you feel that you’ve got things covered for staying busy and making money, you still need to be selling and marketing.

This goes for your website, your branding, your social media, etc. You need to keep going, and think about the profit you’re making. Larger clients, commercial clients, or even just selling the same jobs for more.

I hope this helps, guys, and I’ll share more in part 2. In the meantime, let me know what you’re doing to keep your business front and center with clients old and new.

Mike Gunn
Gunn Landscaping
UAG Member 2019
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