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The UAG Gives Back - How Mike Bedell Supports Detroit Dog Rescue

"Michael and Kat have been an important part of Detroit Dog Rescue’s no-kill mission. Through community giving, volunteering and adopting, they have not only helped to save more of Detroit’s abandoned and abused dogs, they have served as ambassadors for our no-kill philosophy which drives our mission forward." ~ Kristina Rinaldi/DDR

There are many reasons that make UAG members great at what they do: their expertise, their willingness to help fellow outdoor power equipment users grow their business, and the various parts of the industry they work in.

One thing we’re particularly proud of is how they’re also involved in both local and national charitable work and community programs. In this new series, we’re going to focus on how our UAG members are giving back.

This week, Mike Bedell of Bedell Property Management, LLC, in Milford, MI.

A Man’s Best Friend Becomes a Community Best Friend

When Mike and his girlfriend Kat Harrison decided to adopt a dog from Detroit Dog Rescue in the fall of 2017, little did either party know it was going to be the start of a wonderful community relationship.

After choosing their dog, Doxon, from the rescue, Mike knew he wanted to do more than just be someone who adopts a dog. That’s when he and Kat came up with a plan that would see them support Detroit Dog Rescue with the kind of help that would be warmly welcomed by any business.

Since the adoption, Mike, Kat, and Mike’s company have integrated themselves as a passionate supporter of Detroit Dog Rescue, and the various campaigns and education the rescue aims to share with people looking to adopt a dog.

Giving Back as More Than a Supporter

Most people that adopt a dog (or other pet) often end up supporting the rescue they got their new pet from. Usually, that comes in the form of a donation of some sort.

While Mike and Kat supported with donations, they went well beyond that.

Additionally, Mike also brought his business into the mix.

On top of that, Mike’s team have committed to completing the exterior landscaping for the new headquarters later this summer.

All of this from the adoption of a cute dog named Doxon, and the kindness and community spirit of Mike, his girlfriend Kat, and the team of volunteers working with Mike on the outdoor projects.

We’re very proud to have Mike part of the UAG - look out for more featured UAG members soon!

Are you involved in national or local community projects or charitable causes? Join our forum to share your volunteer work!