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"They'll Never Know" - A Lesson in Integrity

By Brian Fullerton from Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

I'm sure you guys have all been there before. The case of "They'll Never Know". Usually muttered by one of your employees when finishing up at a job site, or maybe even that little voice in your head if your riding solo. We've all experienced that awkward situation in life where we think to ourselves when finishing up a task, that "they'll never know".

Whether we are finishing up a landscape install, planting flowers, we happen to open our door in a parking lot against another vehicle, or even go for the elusive 3-point shot at the garbage in the bathroom, I can bet that we've all been there. That little voice pops in our head and tells us to just turn a blind eye, and take the shortcut.

I learned a valuable lesson on this topic a long time ago, while listening to an educational program from a motivational speaker. The gentlemen talked about the fact that in life, many folks choose to turn a blind eye, and accept that cutting corners is okay.

The point the gentlemen made in this audio program was extremely simple, but still prolific when I heard it. He said, "no one will ever know, but you will". No one will ever know that you left the paper towel on the floor in the bathroom, but you will. No one will ever know that you dinged that car door, except you. And there lies the accountability challenge, the integrity challenge.

You see, the reality of the matter is that when finishing up landscape work, or picking up waste off the floor, truth is, no one probably will ever notice. But I challenge you to operate on a level of integrity that raises your standards, and remind yourself that there is always a higher level to play at. Rules are usually imposed on you. Standards are what you impose on yourself.

Everyone has the freedom and flexibility to operate their own business, their own way! That is one of the perks of owning your own business, and calling your own shots. But, if I can suggest, that doesn't mean your off the hook. I would encourage you to raise your standards, keep integrity in whatever you do, and don't cut corners or take the shortcut. No one is probably looking over your shoulder, and following up, but just remember, you still must answer to yourself.

Like the motivational speaker said, "they'll never know, but you will". Choose to be better, choose to keep integrity, and continue to go above and beyond.

Brian Fullerton
Brian’s Lawn Maintenance
2017 UAG Member