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This Week on YouTube: April 14, 2018

One more week down, one more round of new accounts, and one more Youtube Roundup! This week is all about personal experiences that landscapers had and the lessons we draw from them, sharing them with you! Have a look.

Dealing With Rejections - Developing the Right Attitude

Everyone has to deal with rejections in their jobs, the difference being that some people can handle them better than others. Landscaper Mark (Eclipse Lawn Care) shares a difficult experience he had with a customer, but Mark's playful attitude and sense of humour are a source of inspiration for everyone!

Make the Effort To Train Your Employees

Landscaper Blake Albertson of B&B Lawncare took the opportunity to teach his employee a valuable lesson on equipment safety when he (the employee) ran a lawnmower into a car barely missing the door. Like a professional, Blake showed him why this happened while using the whole accident as a great piece for a Youtube video. Now that's how you think fast!

Crossing a Bridge - A Unique Challenge

Australian landscaping company Motown had an interesting challenge last week as the property they were hired to mow was on the other side of a small creek and the only way to get there? A narrow wooden bridge. Quite an interesting dilemma for any landscaper to have, and an opportunity for some creative problem solving.

Your Best Target Customer? Women!

Jonathan Christian of Florida Turf Pros made a very interesting discovery over the winter when his articles and videos started circulating within homeowner Facebook Groups and Mom Groups - lawn care purchase decisions are almost always made by women! If you can get the woman of the household interested, you've won half the battle!

Lawn Care Wisdom - Reducing Labour Costs

UAG's very own Johnny Crooks (Blades of Grass Lawn Care) is like an encyclopaedia when it comes to lawn care. In this video, hear him speak about everything from cutting labour costs on commercial properties to the best brands of turf regulators. A great resource for every landscaper!


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