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This Week on YouTube: April 21st, 2018

As warmer weather kicks in across the country and landscapers really start to see their businesses heat up, what better theme for this week’s Youtube roundup than the ups and downs of the lawn care business? Watch, as landscapers shared their experiences over the week.

Google Business For Lawn Care

Google is useful for a large number of things. Getting new customers to your lawn care company has to be on top of that list for every landscaper out there. We found this useful step-by-step video from landscaper/Youtuber Vic of Quick Cutz Lawn Care showing you how it’s done!

Commercial Accounts - The Pros & Cons

Listen as landscaper Jason Creel of Lawn Care Life takes you through his experience dealing with commercial properties. Depending on how far along you have come and the size of your company, striking a fine balance between commercial and residential accounts will be key as you grow your business.

Using Business Loans - Yay or Nay?

Maryland landscaper Randy of Dulin Cut & Trim believes in starting your business from scratch and learning important lessons along the way, which you wouldn’t if you just took a large loan from the bank. Some useful advice from a self taught landscaper that makes for an interesting discussion.

Lawn Care Is Not All Sunshine And Rainbows

Surely every landscaper here has gone through some bad spells (they’re lucky if they haven’t!). Kansas landscaper Dennis Sisk of Grass Monkey Lawn Care went through just such a time owing to a combination of some bad planning and even worse weather! Much respect to him for sharing his experience with everyone!

Adding Pond Installations To Your Lawn Care Business!

UAG member Brian Fullerton of Brian’s Lawn Maintenance took a trip to St.Charles Illinois for a hands on two-day course at Aquascapes, the pond installation empire of Greg Wittstock, aka The Pond Guy. Brian got to tour the massive headquarters of the company and was given a crash course on adding water based features to your existing lawn care business, a great proposition for every landscaper out there!


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