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This Week on YouTube: April 28, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone! We hope everyone had a productive week and is kicking back with a cold one because we've compiled for you a great list of videos from the pros out there. Getting a commercial contract has got to be on every landscaper's radar at some point in his/her career, and that is the theme for this week's roundup. Enjoy!

Edging 32 Acres of Highway Property

Brian Shain of Top Notch Lawn Care took on a massive project last week as he and his team mowed and edged 32 acres beside a local highway. The challenges of taking on such an account are very unique and listening to the experience of someone like Brian is definitely helpful.

Pricing a Commercial Account

Keith Kalfas of Kalfas Landscaping took his years of experience gained running a business to share some important lessons when quoting an account. If you are not careful you could grossly underquote a property, meaning not only cutting your profits but also losing money!

Mulch Much? Mulching a Commercial Site

UAG Member Brian Fullerton of Brian's Lawn Maintenance had some fun mulching a large commercial account last weekend as he showed us how. Brian also got to test the new ECHO PAS-2620 system to clean up afterwards.

Lawn Care and Pancakes - Cleanup at an IHOP!

Talk about getting breakfast on the job! That's just what one Michigan landscaper, Green Works Landscape, had the pleasure of working on last week as he mowed, trimmed and hedged the greens around the beloved local breakfast joint. The perfect morning, we'd say!

Edging Large Properties With an Ingenious Attachment

There's only so much pavement you can walk holding a heavy trimmer in your hands. Especially when it comes to large properties that are bound to have endlessly long rows of sidewalk. It helps to have a handy device such as an edger attachment for your riding mower, which the landscapers at Idaho Falls Lawn Care were smart enough to use!


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