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This Week on YouTube: April 7, 2018

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our weekly round-up of tips, tools, and great advice from the pros over on YouTube. As always, our roundup this week contains useful tips and advice that will help you maintain and grow your lawn care business.

Lawn Care Advertising in Spring

Landscaper Steve Karpedo from Ballston Lawn Landscaping has some very handy and effective tips for advertising your business. Spring is officially here and there's no such thing as being too prepared. Making sure that you're all possible bases can make an impact throughout the season.

DIY Lawn Care Trailer Signs

This young lawntrepreneur (Wyatt's Lawn Service) demonstrates an easy and cost-effective way to make a brand sign for your trailer. With a few simple ingredients, save yourself a trip to the local print store and just follow what this 17 year old did!

Too Many Leads?

This is a great problem to have: Your online and offline marketing efforts paid off big time and you're faced with the problem of getting way more leads than you can handle. Do you just turn off your marketing channels in this instance? Jonathan Pototschnik of Lawn Care Millionaire would advise against it. Instead filter those excess leads for high value customers!

When To Start Fertilizing Your Lawn in Spring

When it comes to soil temperatures and soil fertilizing, Ryan Knorr of Ryan Knorr Lawn Care is the man you need. As temperatures slowly begin to rise in North America, it is very important to know when to start applying fertilizers. Using a device to check soil temperatures can let you easily solve that problem.

Trim a Sago Palm With Your Bare Hands!

UAG member Wally Wood of Beach River Landscapes shows you what to do if you ever forget your trimmers and need to trim some Sago Palms (Cycads). As Wally goes on to explain, using your hands can sometimes be the cleaner choice. As long as you know how to stay safe, go for it!


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