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This Week on YouTube: August 25, 2018

Happy weekend everyone! We've compiled another great list of videos from the pros out there. Relax and watch some impressive shrub trimming footage or spend your time learning how to aerate your lawn, install edging blocks, or just laugh after a tough job.

Big Shrub Job

Watching shrubs and bushes being transformed is extremely satisfying itself. But it gets even better with good music and high-quality close-ups. Check out this video by the landscaper and YouTuber Mark of Mark's Lawn Care.

Landscape Renovation & Installing Blocks

Want to learn something new today? Watch Alex Nickens of Nickens Lawn & Landscape as he cleans up the area around a house to make room for the installation of edging blocks. He shows how easy this can be done with the right product.

Brushcutting With a Blade Converted New ECHO SRM-3020T

UAG member Mark Thomas tests the most powerful ECHO trimmer available in its class using the brushcutter conversion kit. . Be one of the first to check out the newest release in action.

How To Aerate The Lawn

Landscaper and YouTuber Connor Ward shows his tips on aerating dense lawns in preparation for top dressing or overseeding. Collecting the cores is labor intensive but he shows how he manages the process. The job is not easy but the payoff is visible in a well maintained gorgeous lawn.

Mowing an Overgrown Backyard

This wouldn't be an EMB roundup if we didn't have some great pro-mowing footage to share. Enjoy this video by UAG member Johny Crooks of Blades of Grass Lawn Care! His team is mowing a tall, thick, overgrown backyard. The job is pretty challenging, and not everything goes as planned.


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