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This Week On YouTube: Dec 15, 2017

Another theme seemed to develop this week as we watched YouTube posts from landscape, arbor, and other grounds maintenance professionals: Winter is not just coming, it’s here!

A lot of ECHO’s User Advisory Group members have been sharing tips about business growth or winterizing equipment appropriate for this time of the year and we’ve also seen general members of our community – other pro users – posting videos that share the challenges of working at this time of the year. Check out some of our favorite videos from this past week.

How We Winterize Our Equipment

Tyler and Jeff from Clean Cut Lawns talk about changing air filters and spark plugs, including the importance of adding non-ethanol gas and fuel stabilizer in the machines at the end of the season. Watch the video below.

Getting Customers Ready For Christmas

Jimmy and Jake Massey from Massey Landscape Service posted a new video about getting a client’s property ready before the Christmas season. We’re hearing many complaints from customers who claim their lawn care teams are ’off’ for the season and not responding to late season clean ups. Are you reaching out to your clients for a pre-Christmas clean up?

Bonus Tip: Check out ’the exit plan’ strategy.

Father & Son blowing snow with quality blowers

What’s better during the off-season for lawn care pros than spending more time with the kids? Del from Del’s Lawn Care posted a few fun videos featuring his kids. Check out the video below. 

Snow Blowing with Leaf Blowers - The Evolution of Lawn Care?

Del’s back with another fun video with the kids. Only this time, they're showcasing how not to work together as a team. Amazing father-kid time here. We can all learn a lot of your example, Del. Keep it up! 

Felling a Pine Tree

And finally, just to remind you all that we’re not all buried in snow at this time of the year, Kenny Sanchez from Kenny’s Tree Removal, LLC posted this video of his team felling 80’ pine tree covered in poison ivy and English bay with a variety of saws including Husqvarna and Stihl units.


Each Friday here at ECHOMeansBusiness.com you’ll find a selection of new videos or other social posts by landscapers, arborists or other grounds maintenance pros from around the Internet. Have a post that shares knowledge or experiences with other pros? Share your video links (or other social content) at the "Tell Us Your Story" section at the bottom of the home page.