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This Week On YouTube: Dec 22, 2017

Hey, gang! It’s the end of another week and we’ve once again pulled another set of great videos posted this week by our community of pros out there on YouTube. Not surprisingly, you guys are posting a lot of videos about winter services or featuring last-cut or last-service-before-winter recommendations.

We’re excited to also include a few new videos from some of the young pros out there, nipping at the heels of the older guys! Keep up the great work! Check out this week’s featured videos below.

Lawn Care Guys Snow Plowing

UAG Member, Del Powell from Del’s Lawn Care shared this video of him and Blake heading out in the dark with the plow strapped on to the truck to clear driveways for their clients. Almost makes you miss the heat and humidity of those August lawn care jobs, don’t it?

Winter OFF SEASON Money Making Lawn Care Business Ideas

New UAG member Brian Shane from Top Notch Lawn Care shared a great video for other lawn care and grounds maintenance professionals with tips on how to keep the cash flow humming along during the winter season. Thanks, Brian!


We love giving those young pros out there a shout out! The next couple of videos featured in this week’s round up are from two of those young’uns sharing winter property care videos.

Holy Frosty, Batman! There’s Snow On The Yard!

Jake The Lawn Kid, shared this video talking about that day you wake up and see snow on the lawn you’ve taken so much care to protect all summer. Some great tips here, did you know what “desiccation” means? No, check out the video, Jake will educate you.

Pre-Snow, Late Winter Mowing

This next post is by KB Kutters Lawn Care - he films what might be his last cut of the season using some new tools picked up at this year’s GIE Expo. Love the fact that he threw in some mini reviews while he was videoing. Check out the video, give him some love.

This Is The Toughest Thing I've Ever Done

One final video this week, which has nothing to do with lawn care or winter (although there’s a great shot of the snow building up on the lawn and includes a Christmas tree). This is a shout out to UAG Member Shawn Spencer from Spencer’s Lawn Care who, along with his dog Dufus, jumped on YouTube to talk about the “toughest thing” he’s ever done.

Shawn is recovering from surgery, and shares some of his struggles, which is a good reminder to all of you to take care of yourself as you’re taking care of your customers’ properties. Good message at this time of the year.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Shawn! (P.S. Get Dufus to clear off that driveway for ya!)


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